I live in the ski resort town of Mammoth Lakes in the Eastern High Sierras of California not far from the Nevada border, south of Reno. The town sits on the edge of the 10 by 20 mile Long Valley Caldera (one of the largest calderas on earth), the remains of a cataclysmic volcanic event 760,000 years ago that blew ash all the way to Kansas. The valley is the floor of the volcano and the surrounding mountains are what was left after the volcano collapsed on itself and created the caldera. Mammoth Mountain is 11,063 feet. There is a chain of many smaller volcanoes scattered about the area, the last one erupted 250 years ago, but all are dormant at the moment.  The area is crisscrossed by fissures and faults, including the San Andreas Fault, and the area averages a dozen earthquakes every week. The highway runs across the resurgent dome, which scientists have determined is rising and may erupt again some day… so what you’ll see in these photos may not be here in the future. The geothermal area at the base of the resurgent dome was formed by an earthquake along a deep fault line. Snow melts into the ground and when the water reaches the magna, it is forced back up forming the hot creek and geothermal area where boiling hot water surges up, occasionally in the form of a geyser. For more information about the area’s fascinating geology, click here. For information about Mammoth Lakes, click here.

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Current Weather in Mammoth Lakes

For all it’s violent beginnings, it’s now an incredibly beautiful area surrounded by the John Muir Wilderness, Ansel Adams Forest, Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe, Mt. Whitney (14,494 ft., the highest mountain in the continental United States) and Death Valley (the lowest point). Since I retired to Mammoth three years ago, I’ve been exploring this amazing environment that changes around every corner and taking pictures with a digital camera, then I started experimenting with the photos in PhotoShop and raised the images to a higher level. I learned that there is more to a photograph than the eye can see and I can pull out the essence of the image using the software to reveal the hidden beauty within the light.

My intent is to bring out the hidden beauty inside each person who views these images, to awaken you to a higher consciousness, to open your mind and your creativity so you can express yourself in the world at a higher level and become the best version of you you can be. Having these photos hanging on the walls of your home/office will remind you to take a deep breath and relax. As a near death experiencer, I’ve tried in vain to describe what I saw on the other side, but words are inadequate. It is the same, only different, is the best I can come up with, but through using this technique, I can show others how the reality we experience can be the same, only different from another perspective. Album 5 contains original photographs next to the enhanced versions to demonstrate what I mean.

I hope you enjoy looking through the HighSierra PhotoArt Gallery slideshow albums. I will continue to add new albums so bookmark this page, visit often and tell your friends.

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